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Web Development – The Many-Headed Hydra

a web developer working at his desk

I remember in the early 90‘s, my mother told me about this cool new thing called The Internet! Actually, it would still be several years before it was considered main stream ‘cool.’ But for anyone who was willing to give it more than a few minutes thought, this whole “world wide web” concept was pret-ty neat. And not just because it allowed me to get video game cheat codes from some anonymous kid in Nebraska. I even remember my first bulletin board handle: HR-Ace. Because I hit a lot of home runs, of course. Though I suppose I could have used the same moniker had I handled some organization’s hirings and firings.

Now, as gung-ho of an online enthusiast as I was (between home runs, naturally), I remembered being a little disappointed at one particular aspect of the internet: namely, that it just seemed to be a collection of text documents, just all interconnected. This was text we could all ‘edit,’ which was pretty sweet, but blocks of text nonetheless. Maybe it was the fault of my mother’s initial description, but I expected bells and whistles, and bells that could make whistle sounds. And now here we are in 2015, and boy has the online landscape changed! HR-Ace’s dreams have been realized!!

Now web sites can be full on applications, video players, inventory databases, game interfaces, educational tools, full-service stores, heck you can even order a pizza online, and then go and post a negative review about the delivery driver! We tend to take today’s internet for granted, but you know who doesn’t? Web developers, THOSE WHO BUILD the internet we’ve come to know and depend on, like a smarter but somewhat colder parent.

A web developer, or more accurately, a web development company, must wear an incredible number of hats. A web developer must be a jack of all trades, master of… graphic design, copy writing, programming, search engine optimization, interface design, branding, ecommerce, and I’m only cutting off the list here as a favor to you, my reader! Heck, even locally near me is a Philadelphia web development company called Curotec that, in addition to being an industry leader in the above disciplines, even offers hosting, security, marketing consultation, and seemingly countless other related services. It truly is unbelievable how much goes into putting together these modern, “collections of text documents!”

Web development is also an industry that is constantly evolving, and growing, and showing no signs of slowing down. Only now that I’ve been involved with it for some time do I see how impressively massive the number of elements need to come together PERFECTLY, just for what today would only be considered, “the basics.” That’s why I always think of web development as, “The Many-Headed Hydra.” And, to me, the only thing more exciting than seeing how far today’s internet has come, is dreaming of how far tomorrow’s internet is still yet to go. Learn more by visiting the Curotec – Philadelphia web design site today.

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Recruiting Top Talent in the Software Industry

a technology staffing company in philadelphiaFor many companies, finding the right resources to take on a heavy influx of work can be quite challenging. It can be a daunting task to spend time looking for an ideal candidate with the right skills or unique talents with node.js, .net, or mobile application development. When this situation occurs, what strategy should you take?

In our experience we have found that partnering with an experienced employment agency can help tremendously with the time and effort that it takes to find the right individuals for the job. Having a recruiting partner on your side allows you to tap into an entire database of prescreened candidates that might be the perfect fit for your company mission. This also allows you to save time on interviews that may have otherwise been ineffective or poorly planned because you can discuss with your job agency what specific skill set or personality you are looking for in an ideal candidate.

Whether it is a permanent placement solution or a temporary higher, software developers and coders can be difficult to track down, especially for permanent positions. In today’s fast paced tech world, many designers, engineers, and coding experts prefer to work from home, because all they need is a laptop and a cup of coffee. This seems to be the trend more and more with college graduates who prefer to build up their resume before officially taking on a permanent position with a reputable company or perhaps a startup. If you can grow your own talent from the inside, you put yourself in a much better place to foster leaders down the line.

Some staffing companies insist that company culture is one of the keys to landing the best talent. Sometimes you have to be overt and advertise yourself with social media and online marketing, as seen in this great character video from a Philadelphia recruiter:

The best way to bolster your talent quickly is to work with a staffing company that understands what skill set you need, especially those that specialize in technology, engineering, or software.

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