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The Importance of Working with an SEO Consultant

an seo consultant working with a local businessAs the world moves increasingly into a more fast-paced and technology driven world, the average business will need to keep up and remain relevant when it comes to their online marketing. In the year 2015, many businesses start online or require a web presence in order to attract customers and make new sales. Without correctly optimizing your site for search engines, you will without a doubt lose most of your business to those who take the time to invest in SEO.

Your website should accurately reflect your business offering but it should also be engaging and ready to convert visitors into paying customers. Therefore, an online presence is essentially a two part process where you must first attract new leads from the internet and then optimize your website or online store for conversions. The challenge however is keeping up with the latest trends and taking advantage of the latest in technological offerings. Without a partner that can help guide you in the right direction, it is very easy to make the most common mistakes when it comes to your online web presence.

One way in which many online businesses help bolster their online marketing is through social media. Without question, more and more people have taken to Twitter or Facebook to share the lastest news story or company offering. Search engines are now paying attention to social signals and often times rely on the consumer to generate the content to keep information relevant and current. Entire businesses have sprung up which offer social media management services to help you setup all of the most popular properties as well as take advantage of some that might be useful for your niche. This is definitely a situation where you would contact an SEO consultant or partner with someone that can handle your social media strategy directly.

The following video is an example of a Philadelphia service which helps you determine the right course when it comes to optimizing your website for online search:

Internet marketing can be one of the most difficult undertakings for any business, especially if that business has not been keeping up with the latest algorithm changes or suggestions from Google on best practice. In the past, many businesses may have paid for optimization services that were effective at the time but are no longer relevant or require a bit of tweaking to maximize the effectiveness. For example, many local companies would like to have a Google Map Pack listing, but this requires that you setup your Google+ business listing correctly as well as maintain consistent name, address, and phone number citations around the web. Without someone to help walk you through this process, it can seem complicated and time consuming. Without question, the best solution is to simply hire an expert that will help maintain your web presence and help drive conversions using a combination of content generation and social media marketing.

Conkurent is able to provide these services – please use the contact form if you would like to speak with a representative about online advertising.

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